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maya. 19. swedish. i like books, johnny depp, feta cheese, coffee and scented candles.

no matter what i say, you’re coming back aren’t you?

                         i  m a d e  a   p r o m i s e

i:how did you know that wasn’t me?
a: because he didn’t say  l e f t enant.

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@caitlinstasey: Insulting someone by accusing them of being a ‘girl’ or ‘gay’ is about as offensive as calling them a human.

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Have you nothing to say in your defense?

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I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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Sometimes the right path is not the easiest path.

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"You’re not alone here"
I have my friends

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anonymous requested: game of thrones + silhouettes

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Caitriona Balfe by Landis Smithers for Lumete Eyewear

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